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Privacy policy


Organisation name: Airport Ontime Limited

Reference: ZB104249


Data Processing & Storage

The following policies explain how Airport ontime obtain, store and process your personal information. We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected and are registered with the information commissioner’s office (UK) to ensure transparency and GDPR provision compliance (GDPR (EU) 2016/679). Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using our products and services, you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement.

Please note: All telephone calls are recorded & all emails are stored for monitoring purposes. We use the latest AVAYA system to make and receive calls through an encrypted watchdog. This device encrypts all calls for security purposes, this is provided by Vale communications.


What Personal Data Do We Collect?

We may collect the following information when you use our products or services:

  • Name, telephone number and email address

  • Booking information including the date & time, pickup location and destination.

  • Additional information including Aeroplane flight number, luggage and child seat requirements.

What Sensitive Data Do We Collect?

We will only collect the following information upon receiving specific authority to do so from individuals who have agreed to our terms & conditions and privacy policies.

  • Debit or credit card details (card number, expiry date, CVC and AVS)

How Do We Collect Or Obtain Your Personal Data?

  • When you input your data through electron forms on our website

  • When you input data through our mobile booking application

  • When you contact us by phone, email and writing

  • When you order goods or services from us

  • When you post or react to our social media channels

How Do We Collect Or Obtain Your Sensitive Data?

  • When you verbally tell us over the phone

  • When you input data through our mobile booking application

How Do We Process Your Personal Data?

All personal data relating to the booking of our services and products is processed using our cloud-based computer software provided by “Cordic limited”. Cordic is registered as a data handler for the purposes of GDPR provision compliance (GDPR (EU) 2016/679).

How Do We Process Your Sensitive Data?

All sensitive personal data relating to the payment of our services and products is processed using our cloud-based merchant providers “Stripe”. Stripe is a payment services provider that lets merchants accept credit and debit cards or other payments.

Payment security is a priority for Stripe. This is evident through the various measures it uses to protect card information.

Here are some of those security measures:

  • PCI Service Provider Level 1 Certification - The highest level of certification in the payments industry.

  • Encrypted Data and Communication - The service uses PGP keys for safe communication.

  • Money Transmitter Licenses - Stripe complies with legal regulations for payment platforms.

How Long Do We Store Your Personal & Sensitive Data

As required by law, all data is stored for a minimum period of six months from the point of service or purchase. After this period has lapsed, data can be deleted upon request. 

Who Do We Share Your Personal & Sensitive Data With?

All data that is collected, processed and stored is secure and we do not share it with third parties.

Upon lawful request from authorities, we are obliged to assist and share personal data.

What Happens In The Unlikely Case Of A Data Breach?

If a data breach was to occur the ICO and affected consumers would be notified within 72 hours.

How Do We Detect A Data Breach?

Although unlikely, we must remain vigilant that a data breach could occur.

Airport ontime have kept the “supply chain” very compact, communicating directly with Cordic, Vale and Adelante, so that we can work in partnership to detect and inform of data breaches. Each member of the supply chain has stringent data policies and security, and they have a duty of care to inform us of any data issues at the earliest possibility.

Data Protection Officer & What They Do?

We have a sole dedicated data protection officer who is registered with the ICO. You can contact our officer at anytime for enquiries or more information. The officer is responsible for overseeing the security and protection of both personal

and sensitive data. Our data protection officer is the only person who has access to sensitive data for the purpose of refunds and monitoring.

What Measures Do We Take To Ensure The Security Of Your Personal & Sensitive Data?

All members of office staff & drivers have received training and adhere to strict privacy & data protection policies. Airport ontime have kept the “supply chain” very compact, working directly with Cordic, Vale and Adelante, so that we have a complete overview of how data is collected, processed and stored. Personal data is retained within our booking office cloud software (Cordic) at all times and only trained office staff have restricted access. Our data protection officer is the sole person who has restricted access to your sensitive data.

Following are the conditions set by Airport Ontime Ltd. /Speedy Cars with its client for the business to run smoothly. It includes the account holder, the passenger and the person booking the journey for someone. We have reserved every right to change the trade terms and conditions without any prior notice.

Our mission is to provide a safe, reliable and comfortable service to all of our customers and to fulfil their travel needs. We are well known for having the most economical rates in town. We will try our level best to provide the services considering our client’s best interest but we won’t be considered liable for any sort of loss, damage or any other incident beyond our reasonable control. In order to operate lawfully under the Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998 a licensed operator who accepts a booking from a passenger is required to enter as principal into a contractual obligation with the passenger to provide the journey which is the subject of the booking.
Transport of Goods/Logistics/House Movement
It’s the customer’s responsibility for all the goods in transit and will be taken at customer’s own risk. The customer has to make sure that the insurance covers for the goods transported and the payment is made after receiving the service.

Right to Refusal
We have the right to refuse to provide service
• To any person who has been abusive at the time of booking or with whom any of our driver has faced a serious encounter or an unpleasant past experience.
• To any person, object or goods that are a threat to cause any sort of damage to the vehicle. The driver’s opinion will be prioritised at this point.

The price quoted to the client for a specific journey totally represents the mileage covered, type of vehicle and time of the day or the specific day for the journey.

All of the quotations given for the journeys are given considering the shortest route but if a customer wishes to travel through a specific route, we certainly do that. Speedy Cars has full right to charge the customer according to the route advised considering any extra mileage and time.

Airport Ontime/Speedy Cars has complete right to add a surcharge to any journey containing:
• Out of area pick-ups
• Debit/Credit card payments
• Bank holidays
• Festivities
• Multiple stop journeys
• Extreme weather conditions
• Peak hours or busy days

Cancellation Charges
Airport Ontime/Speedy Cars is authorised to ask the customer for the cancellation charges for all journeys:
• If the journey has been cancelled whilst the driver has been enroute to pick up the client i.e. not enough time has been given before the time of cancellation then Speedy Cars is liable to the minimum cancellation charge requested from the customer.
• In case of a no show/ no pick-up, Speedy cars are liable to collect the fare from the passenger which includes the mileage, waiting time and car park paid by the driver (in case of airport pick-ups).

Waiting Charge
If the driver has to wait beyond a specific time for the customer, the customer is liable to pay the waiting charge accordingly.

The transaction should be made within 7 days of invoicing.
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